Human Security and Human Development


The NHDR 2003 focusses on defining Human Security in Latvia. As a result of Latvia's transition from the Soviet occupation to a market economy after its independence, the people of Latvia has experienced substantive changes in their lives in the past ten years. These changes have come with increased economic and social distress, which has led to a pervasive feeling of insecurity. In addition, Latvia is now willing to join the European Union, which entails even more change. The goal of this Report is to reduce this "insecurity effect" felt at the individual level. It will offer practical tools and mechanisms to help people identify risks in their lives, and develop individual and collective risk management strategies as well as security-enhancing / problem-solving skills. The Report also aims at priorities and measuring the effect of their policies.

Principal Contributors: Ivars Austers - Author Ieva Bite - Author Ivars Dukats - Author Talis Tisenkopfs - Advisor Mara Simane - Editor-in-chief