National Human Development Report 2018-2019: Armenia


The sustainable development of Armenia, its future for 2030 (the time line for UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to which Armenia is signatory) and for 2050 (the time line for the Armenia Transformation Strategy now in the works) depends on how the energy, knowledge, skills and values of today’s young people turn into action. Action is what is needed, and the government, the private sector and the civil society can do a lot to help. The report hopefully offers a glimpse into how this can be done.

Armenia’s youth is as diverse as the country is and even more diverse with the amazing Diaspora youth living around the world. This diversity in lifestyles, values, outlook creates a unique opportunity but also a challenge - there is no “one size fits all” youth policy, as the report highlights, but there are many cues that the stories of the young people give as to how a flexible, government-wide youth policy might need to look like in the future, based on equal rights and opportunities.