Social Exclusion and Human Insecurity in the FYR Macedonia


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The twin themes of the NHDR explore the dimensions
of the often traumatic personal, family, community and
collective feelings of insecurity and social exclusion that
exist in Macedonia. Naturally the two themes are closely
intertwined and deeply embedded in the soul and psyche
of Macedonians of all ethnic origins which is not
altogether unexpected given the tumultuous recent past.
The analysis in the Report focuses objectively on the
problem of insecurity related to unemployment, employment
and the work place; social exclusion of the rural
population and economic insecurity in the work force
originating in the transition process, insecurity deriving
from environmental threats, inter-ethnic relations, lack
of personal security associated with petty crime, lack of
judicial protection, insecurity in dealing with state
administrative organs and legal insecurity, as well as the
exclusion that accompanies these circumstances.
The problems of social exclusion and human insecurity

Principal Contributors: Dr. Ilija Todorovski - Project leaderDr. Ljubica Coneva - Research teamDr. Ilija Todorovski - Research teamDr. Jorde Jakimovski - Research teamDr. Pande Lazareski - Research team
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia