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Dashboard 4. Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability dashboard contains 13 indicators that cover environmental sustainability and environmental threats.

The ten indicators on environmental sustainability are coal energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions (expressed two ways), renewable energy consumption, solar photovoltaic electricity capacity, freshwater withdrawals, use of fertilizer nutrient nitrogen (N) per area of cropland, use of fertilizer nutrient phosphorus (expressed as P2O5) per area of cropland, domestic material consumption per capita and prevalence of severe food insecurity.

The three indicators on environmental threats are the number of deaths and missing persons attributed to disasters, terrestrial protected areas and the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List Index, which measures aggregate extinction risk across groups of species.

Aggregates are not presented for the Red List Index indicator and the aggregates for the solar photovoltaic electricity capacity indicator are not colored because the aggregates are the unweighted sum of national estimates.