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Planetary pressures–adjusted Human Development Index (PHDI)

PHDI is an experimental index that adjusts the Human Development Index (HDI) for planetary pressures in the Anthropocene.

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PHDI discounts the HDI for pressures on the planet to reflect a concern for intergenerational inequality, similar to the Inequality-adjusted HDI adjustment which is motivated by a concern for intragenerational inequality. It is computed as the product of the HDI and (1 – index of planetary pressures) where (1 – index of planetary pressures) can be seen as an adjustment factor.

PHDI is the level of human development adjusted by carbon dioxide emissions per person (production-based) and material footprint per capita to account for the excessive human pressure on the planet. It should be seen as an incentive for transformation. In an ideal scenario where there are no pressures on the planet, the PHDI equals the HDI. However, as pressures increase, the PHDI falls below the HDI. In this sense, the PHDI measures the level of human development when planetary pressures are considered.