Human Development Report 1991

Financing Human Development


The lack of political commitment not of financial resources, is often the real cause of human neglect. That is the main conclusion of Human Development Report 1991.

The Report is about financing human development. A single powerful idea runs through it-that the potential is enormous for restructuring national budgets and international aid in favour of human development. The Report concludes that much current spending is misdirected and inefficiently used. If the priorities are set right, more money will be available for accelerated human progress.

The concept of human development introduced in the first of of these Reports last year--established that me basic objective of human development is to enlarge the range of people's choices to make development more democratic and participatory. These choices should include access to income and employment opportunities, education and health, and a clean and safe physical environment. Each individual should also have the opportunity to participate fully in community decisions and to enjoy human, economic and political freedom.


"UNDP. 1991. Human Development Report 1991: Financing Human Development."